December Newsletter

Hello CHA Membership,

You are reading the first official CHA newsletter! One of our goals as a board is to truly hear our members. It was recently brought to our attention that some members feel they could benefit from more frequent communication. We plan to send a monthly Newsletter highlighting; teams, coaches, players, fundraising, looking forward and so much more... keep an eye out!

Something you may not know....

Our Board of Directors meet once a month, meeting dates are posted on the website for our membership. Active members are able to address the board during the first fifteen minutes of each meeting with any questions or concerns they may have.

A written request must be submitted at least seven days before to the president ( in order to attend a meeting.

All meeting minutes are posted to the website for membership access.

Our policies and bylaws can be found on the website as well.

Forum Notes:

Mats have been purchased for the men's and women's bathrooms and will be installed as soon as they are received.

Frost, our management company is working on a solution for the skate shop. We wish the best to Tom and know he is greatly missed by all of our families at the Forum.

The first three newsletters (Dec, Jan, Feb) will be sent via email and posted to the website. After February it will only be posted to the website under the newsletter tab.

Important Fundraising Dates:

Panera Bread Night


Chipotle Night 01/24

Cornhole Tournament **Adults Only**


Golf Tournament

@ Red Tail Golf Course, Devens.


Player skills began with Solid State Hockey this week. We cannot encourage our players to attend enough. Not only is it part of your tuition but it is preparing our players for games, tournaments and even tryouts!

Goalie Skills are continuing with Stop IT.

Learn to Skate begins for our youngest Lions this Saturday 12/10!

We are working on a games only winter Midget team, information TBD.

Please keep an eye out for Picture announcements, they will be released soon.

Please send your pictures & videos to our Social Media Director so we can put them on our Facebook and Instagram. (

If you aren't following us on social media please do so!

Our sponsors at Complete Game Physical Therapy have written about concussions and how to identify one in your player. Being able effectively to help and injured child will help in their road to recovery.

We wish our families a wonderful holiday season and look forward to an exciting and successful month for our players!