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CHA Newsletter for October 1, 2005

Welcome to the online newsletter.  I figured this would be a better forum than sending too many messages to your email box all week.  We will continue to send schedule changes, team news articles and anything time sensitive during the week, but any CHA news which can wait, will be posted to a newsletter, with an email notification at the end of that week. (disclaimer: I am going to try to do this on a weekly basis, we'll see how it goes)


Game Results on Homepage

Over the course of 4 evenings in the past two weeks, all the team website volunteers have been trained (no volunteers for Midgets).  They are now posting the game scores you see on the right side on the homepage.  The tiny pencil icon represents that there are some short game comments as well.  Click the pencil if you'd like to see them. 



U14 Girls to Play Before Lock Monsters

The U14 Team will be playing a game at Tsongas Arena before the Lock Monsters face off with the Providence Bruins on January 14th at 5:45pm.  Anyone interested in attending the girls game and staying for the Lock Monsters game can contact Dan Simard for tickets at  .  Tickets are $12.00 each. 

  Goalie Instruction to Begin In October

Our first goalie clinic of the season will be 10/11 at 7:10 pm at the Forum run by Brad Morgan.

  Fundraising Pages Updated

You probably saw the Tag Day Update earlier this week.  Please visit the Fundraising Page by clicking here it has been updated with a list of events and expected dates.  There is a Tag Day Thank You Page to visit as well, be sure to check it out.

      Strength and Conditioning Program for Pee Wees

CHA is coordinating a strength and conditioning program at Family Fitness Center, 20 Boston Road in Chelmsford Center for interested Pee Wees.  An eight week program, led by professional strength and conditioning instructors on Thursdays at 6:00 costs $96.  If interested, please contact .

  Split Ice Practices

You will start to notice Split Ice Practices on the schedules.  What is a Split Ice Practice?

In an effort to get some full sheet practice ice time, we are trying a new schedule format.  Using the ice from a 3 hour block, we will be splitting the ice into two separate ice sessions. Each session will run with one team 1 getting a 25 minute full sheet, 30 minutes of shared ice with team 2, and then team 2 getting 25 minutes on a full sheet. The Zamboni will do the ice and then the same split arrangement will be repeated with 2 other teams.  The result is that each team involved will be on the ice for 55 minutes of which 25 minutes will be full sheet ice and the remaining 30 will be shared. Again, a team may have the full sheet at the beginning or end of the split sheet session depending upon the schedule. Coaches have been asked to run drills that utilize the full ice effectively.

Many people have been requesting full sheet practice time, and this is the most cost effective way to do so.  Please be patient while we try this format out, and be sure to provide your input to .

  Website Tip

So by now you should know to check your schedule on the team page, but talking to some folks at training this week, people didn't realize the various ways to get their schedules.

Schedules are available in a number of ways.  You could click on "Schedule" on your team page to see a list view of your schedule.  Just above the list view, you can download the schedule in either csv or ical format for importing into Outlook, Lotus Notes, or a Personal Digital Assistant.   Also from the Team Page, you can click on "Calendar" to see a calendar view of your schedule.  Finally, for those of you with kids on different teams, again from the Team Page, you can select Multi-Schedule to create a download, list, or calendar with all events for multiple teams. 

Now see?  Wasn't that better than a bunch of separate emails?  ;) 

Bill Kamenides
CHA Website Director