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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why do I receive multiple notifications when the schedule is updated, or when news comes out?

A: This can happen for a couple of reasons...first, because sometimes I mess up importing a game or practice schedule and have to back it out, and then import again.  You get notified of all three actions.  More commonly though, multiple notifications occur for families who have multiple skaters in the program, or a coach in the program, each of whom gets notified for every update.  Sorry, there's not much I can do about that other than to stop sending news updates for one of the participants.

Q: I am curious about what we can do with the web site. Last year, we had a web mom that posted: schedule and highlights. Are we going to have same functions, etc... What is the process and when do you anticipate some kind of training?

A: In similar fashion to last year, you can appoint someone from your team to update the site.  I will post the practice schedules, and league schedules, they can make any necessary modifications.  They can also post results, news items, pictures, etc.  I will be announcing 3 or 4 training sessions shortly, and anyone wanting these capabilities must attend one session.  This will be done in the month of September.  Any volunteers should send an email to   .

Q:  When you select team pages the Mites page comes up but I am unable to select a Mite (level) team until I choose another team then choose Mite.  Just seems to be a small tech problem.

A: It is a small tech problem.  If you know how to delete your cookies, do so, and then close all browsers, then reopen the browser.  You will be all set.  If you use IE for a browser you can delete cookies by doing the following:  click Tools>Internet Options>Delete Cookies.  If you still have this problem email me: .  I'll get you past this issue.

Q:  Is there a mini how-to on the main page describing how to find the schedule

A: When the season started, I sent out an email to everyone, encouraging people to visit the "Your New Site" Section of the website.  It tells you how to get around the site and where to find different types of content.  Email me at if there is something you are having trouble with.  I will either guide you through it over email, or call you to walk you through it over the phone.

Q:  Add more content about the farm teams;  they are the future of Chelmsford hockey

Here's the thing about content.    I post what people send me.  I have no kids in Farm, so I don't always know what is going on there.  I have a volunteer from each Farm Team to serve as web parent to post scores, pictures, and game stories.  I will hold a training session for those folks over the next week to 10 days so they can add content on their own.  This is how the other teams add much of the content on their team pages.  In terms of Farm Content for a newsletter, send it to me: , and I will include it in the next newsletter.

Q:  I'd like to be able to submit a review of my sons coaches online. 

A:  You can do that anytime by visiting the Feedback page right off of the CHA Home page

Q:  I'd like to be able to read the Board Of Directors meeting minutes and bylaws. 

A:  OK, just visit the Board of Directors page off of the home page for Meeting Minutes, Bylaws, Policies. etc.

Q:  Sometimes it is hard to find things; like the photo form.  There is "pictures" menu - and where I looked first for the Hockey Pictures form....who knew it would be under Fundraising?? One thought might be to have a "current events" page where things like the clothing sale; pictures; etc are located; instead of having a page for each activity.  Usually I am looking for forms that are needed in the immediate future.

A: I think I am doing this now, I just call it a newsletter instead of current events.  Just visit the Newsletters section of the site, or see individual articles posted on the home page.

Q:  I'd like to see more links to in state and out of state tournaments.

A:  Sure!  Send them to me.  I keep asking for these, and I have posted some.  I keep asking for feedback to share with other members about tournaments your teams have played in.  I've never received any.  I know the Squirt 1's played in a tournament in Rhode Island a while back...any info to share?  Help me out with content and I will post it.

Q:  How can I set up a shortcut to a particular team/teams schedule(s)

A:  There are a few ways to do this:  All of them start with you going to your team page.  My comments will assume Internet Explorer and Windows.  If you need help, email me: 

Just bookmark it...while on the schedule, use Ctrl-D, or go to favorites, and click add to favorites.

Put it on the tool bar...drag and drop the URL from the address bar onto the toolbar.

Create a shortcut on the desktop.  Right-click on the desktop (wallpaper...background when no Windows are open).  Select new, and then shortcut.  When prompted for a location, copy the URL from your schedule, and paste it into the shortcut.  Click Next, and then give it a name. (like Hockey Schedule).  Now anytime you want to go to the schedule, just double click on the shortcut on the desktop.

If you have any questions about how to use the site, or a change you'd like to see, please email me at .