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Hello everyone.


Here are some notes on using the site to get the information you need.  If you have any questions or problems, please read the Frequesntly Asked Questions, and feel free to send your comments or questions to .


Please notice the Association, Program Info, and Team Pages tabs at the top. Very simply, click on the appropriate tabs to navigate to the info you need. 


Also, When you've clicked onto the "Your New Site" page, you will see another Menu on th eleft side for Website FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).  Be sure to check out the FAQ if you have a question or problem.


On the Association Tab:

You'll find News articles, latest scores, and links to important sites and sponsors.  On the left side, there are menus to help you find other important info: 


Board of Directors:

There is plenty of information about the Board of Directors so that you are all aware of who we are and what our responsibilities are.  There is contact info, role descriptions and pictures of the board members here.  Also, in this section, you will find the CHA Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures, as well as Board of Directors Meeting Minutes.  All CHA Board Meetings are listed on the Events Calendar, and are shown as Upcoming events on the home page.


The Fundraising Page has information regarding the various Fundraising events through out the year.  Form there, you'll find individual pages for the events such as Tag Day, Calendar Raffles, and more. 


The Treasurer’s Page has all cost and payment schedule info, and the Sponsorship page contains information about our sponsorship and advertising programs.


If you are looking for any relevant documents, forms, and applications, you can find them by clicking the Docs and Forms Menu.  There is also a Volunteer page on the left menu.  From time to time when we need to schedule volunteers to help at events and fundraisers, we will use this page to show the available dates and times, and which are already signed up.  If there is nothing to sign up for or schedule, this menu will not appear (like now)


Newsletters:  Instead of sending emails to you for each individual news item, if the information can be saved for inclusion in a newsletter, I will save it.  I try to get a newsletter out every few weeks or so, depending on the amount of news there is to publish, and when it needs to go out by.  Notification of the newsletter is sent to you, but the newsletter itself can be found on the Newlsetter page.


Coaches Corner is a password protected page where we post information for the coaches such as league bulletins and rules.


Code of Conduct: Be sure to visit this page, download all three documents, fill them out and submit them to your team parent.


Other Tournaments: Currently blank, but during the season, this area will get populated with information about tournaments hosted by other programs which your team can chhose to take part in (additional cost).  If you hear about a tournament you'd like to see posted, please send the info to .


Need to contact a coach of one of our teams?  Visit the Team Contacts page to get email addresses and phone numbers.


The Events Calendar has information about upcoming fundraisers, meetings, tournaments, and Board of Directors Meetings.  These events will show up on the homepage as well as we approach their dates.


Also on the Association Page, you will find  rink information.  Info for the Forum is available on the left side menu under Directions, and all other rinks are listed as Other Rinks  You can get directions, phone numbers, maps, and even estimated drive times for each rink listed.  I will add any rinks for events I post (practices and league games), but if you need other rinks added for tournaments or other events your team schedules, just let me know.



The Exchange is a free service you can use to buy or sell items.  All items for sale will be approved by CHA prior to posting.  This is a great way to pass good equipment on to others who can still use it.


Sponsors - It's great to have sponsors, the fact that they offset costs is wonderful.  Please visit the Sponsors page and consider the fact that these companies are helping us to deliver the best program possible for our members.  When you have a choice, please choose to do business with these companies.  Sponsor logos are shown on the homepage and rotate through on the top banner of the site.


Email Notifications are sent out everytime a schedule change is made, or if there is news.  Your email info was requested when your child was signed up for a CHA program, and has been entered into our system for this purpose.  If you'd like to sign up for emails for additional teams, or youd like to add, delete, or modify an address, pleas use the form on this page to do so.


I have provided Links to other important websites such as USA Hockey, Mass Hockey, FMC Arenas, and all leagues that we compete in.  If there are other sites you'd like to see added, please send me a note at .


Pictures - If your team has an event, a tournament, or a big game, and you want to submit a picture to be displayed on our site, send it to  .  The picture will be shown on the pictures page, and it will rotate through on the home page as well. 



On the Team Pages Tab:


You can select the season (2006-2007), Division (PeeWees, Bantams, etc), and Team for the Team Page you wish to view.  Here, you will find schedules, results, news items, etc associated with that team.  Please note that Learn to Skate, Peter Puck, Caoches, and Goalie Clinics are listed under "CHA Clinic Programs".


Schedules can be viewed as a list, or as a calendar.  Either way, you can select a printable view for printing out.  Also, many people like to download the schedule into a PDA like their Blackberry or Palm Pilot, or perhaps, just load the schedule into their Outlook or Lotus Notes Calendar, so there are options to download to a csv file or a iCal format.  I recommend csv, except if you are a Notes User.  If you need help downloading and then importing a schedule into Outlook, contact me at .  I'll help you.


Of special interest to many of you, is the return of the Multi-team schedule.  The Multi-team schedule is a great tool for viewing, printing, or downloading a schedule for multiple teams.  This is very helpful is you have two players in the program on different teams, or for sharing driving responsibilities for practices with a parent from another team.  When you get to a team page, just select “Multi-Schedule” on the left side menu.  Choose the teams you wish to view and the manner of viewing you wish (Calendar View, List View, or download to Outlook).  You can see the schedules of any number of teams you wish.



On the Program Info Tab:


When my son first wanted to get into hockey, I had no idea what the programs were, the costs, the time commitment, etc.  All this information is found on the Program Info tab.


Team Web Reps:


Just like last year, I will be asking for a volunteer from each team to help maintain team schedules, input game scores/results, and perhaps post some news articles about the team.  I will be providing training for these capabilities in September, and would like to have a volunteer from each team as soon as possible.   You will have to attend a training session to get a Team Manager password, even if you had the role last year.  




Please email me at if you have any suggestions for the site.  My cell number is also posted on the Board of Directors site.  I got some great input last year and have incorporated a lot of what was asked for.  The site will evolve during the season, and I will be adding info and capabilities as we go.  Please keep the lines of communication open.


Please take a look around the site, familiarize yourself with what is available to you here, and let me know how I can make the site as useful as possible.


Have a great season!


Steve Murphy

Website Director

  is always welcomed.  Please use this form to submit your suggestions, concerns, or even positive input regarding the website, the organization, or your team.  This information will go to the Board of Directors, and will be acted upon.