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Holiday Calendar Raffle Info:

It is time for the Annual Holiday Calendar Raffle. The calendar raffle is just
like any other raffle, except that a winner is drawn each day for 28 days, and
it is possible for a person to win more than once with their ticket (NOTE: this
has happened before).

All prizes are cash prizes and range from $50 up to $200 (on special drawing

This is a "Dues Credit" fundraiser, which means that you can earn credit
towards your dues your January 10th dues payment by participating in this
fundraiser. The tickets are $10.00 each, and you must sell a minimum of 5
tickets to qualify for a dues credit. Profit from the raffle tickets sold will be split 50/50
between the player who sells the ticket (if they qualify for dues credit with a minimum of 5 tickets sold) and CHA.  ACtual profit per ticket is calculated once all ticket stubs and money is collected.

Please return all the ticket stubs and money by Dec. 1st to your team parent, as
the drawings start on December 3rd.

Remember, the more tickets sold, the more money is raised and the more credit you can earn.   So, have fun and good luck selling.

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