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Upcoming Events
The Chelmsford Hockey Association (CHA) will be conducting try-outs for the 2009-2010 season in March.  Try-Out information, including specific dates, times and skill drills, will be posted on the CHA web-site in the coming weeks once the schedule has been finalized. As try-outs comprise only one component of the overall CHA Player Evaluation & Placement Process, I would advise everyone to review the current process which can be found at the following link. http://www.chelmsfordhockey.com/Page.asp?n=19462&org=chelmsfordhockey.com.  

LTS/PP will be ending on March 7 and 8. All LTS participants will attend the LTS 1 session which will be from 9:30 AM to 11:40 on March 7. The LTS Olympics will be held on this date. It is a fun way to complete a successful LTS season. Special thanks to Coach Mike Melisi who volunteers his time to teach the LTS programs. 
 The final Peter Puck session will be held on Sunday March 8.  All PP1 players will not have a session on March 7, but will attend the session on March 8 at 4:10 PM.  We will have a full sheet of ice and will have some fun.  This will complete a very successful Peter Puck season. We encourage all players to advance to in-house or tryout for a travel team.
Team Updates
Bantam 2 Tournament: The Bantam 2's will participate in the Arthur Sachse Tournament in Worcester on 3/13 - 3/15. This tournament is hosted by the Laker Youth Hockey Organization. The Lion Icemen will take on the Lakers, Amherst MA, Schenectady NY, and look forward to locking horns with 3 Teams outside of the Valley League.  Good Luck B2's
                                                                                Coach Rega
Pee Wee 1 news: The Pee Wee 1 team has had a very successful stretch since the holidays compiling a 4-1-4 record for the month of January. This is highlighted by two strong victories in the District 9 play downs.  A 3-2 victory over a "chippy" Woburn team and a 2-0 shutout of Burlington.  The desire to win the "Crunch Award" has motivated the players.
                                                                        Coach Robinson
CHA Squirt 2 Tournament:The CHA Squirt 2 team participated in the 2009 Western Mass Freeze-Out Tournament in Amherst, MA over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. The Two's won 2 games and lost 1, but players and family members also spent time in the hotel pool, ate meals together, played hallway hockey, attended a UMass vs. Providence College hockey game, and a UMass vs. Temple University basketball game.  The Chelmsford Squirt 2 team and their entourage of nearly 50 family members had a weekend to remember both on and off the ice in Amherst.
                                                                        Coach Millin
News from the Board
Dear CHA Parents:
Each year we budget approximately $10,000.00 in fundraising, which is crucial to our organization. Perhaps due to today's economy we are behind in these efforts. The board of directors recently voted for all players to take part in a mandatory Candy Bar sale in February. Participation is required for all travel players except 2nd year Bantams and 1994 birth year U14s. With everyone's cooperation we anticipate a profit of $3.700.00 from this sale.
Many of you (65 to be precise) just received a letter from me concerning outstanding dues owing to CHA. The tone of the letter was very 'business-like' to put it mildly.  Accounts receivable remain an issue that your CHA Board remains very focused on.  It puts pressure on the entire Association and we feel in fairness the level of sacrifice for dues ought to be evenly shared and equally shouldered. If you have received such a letter and dispute its contents please contact CHA treasurer Bob Alber right away. If you acknowledge the indebtedness then also contact Bob Alber and arrange to get it addressed right away. If the tone of my letter was more brusque than you think is warranted please accept my apology.  As I noted in the letter, this is NOT the kind of letter that we enjoy sending.
Peter Lawlor,
President, Chelmsford Hockey

Board of Directors Meetings with Travel Teams
At the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, representatives of the CHA Board of Directors took the time to meet with each of the Travel Teams to have dialog on what was happening within the organization, and to better understand what issues needed to be addressed to improve the CHA. Specific topics were the change to the Valley League, communication within the Teams and the quality of the website, icetime and schedules and Tournament plans for the year.  In addition, each Team offered insightful and valuable feedback to the CHA Board and these recommendations are being considered and acted on.
So what themes did we hear coming from our Teams? Here are just a few...
·        The Membership is generally positive about the move to the Valley League and several of the teams offered feedback on referees and parity. Note: Parity issues and recommendations have been fed to Valley and are being acted upon
·        Teams are very positive about the CHA website and scheduling system
·        Teams preferred the set practice schedules and thought this was a big help with the family calendars
·        Recommendations were made regarding the player placement and pull-up process and they have been addressed by the 2009 Board of Directors  Evaluation Subcommittee as they plan the 2009 tryout and placement process
·        Specific issues surrounding the Chelmsford Forum were received and discussed at the January BOD meeting
·        From our U14 Team: Desire to have a U12 and U14 Girls Teams for next year with a registration and tryout process like the other Travel Teams
I would like to thank all of the Teams and BOD Members for taking the time to have these face-to-face communication sessions and remember; this is our Association
Pete Rega,
VP Operations, CHA Board of Directors
Ice Breaker Social 2009
The annual Ice Breaker social was another success largely due to the team basket raffle. This year we will make a profit of over $1,600.00. Special thanks to all the team reps, Pam Anastasi and Sue MacDonald for their help, Darren Cossette and the Beach House Bums for donating another great evening of entertainment.
Brenda Crawford
CHA Secretary