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CHA Newsletter for November 21st, 2006

Welcome to the online newsletter.  Chelmsford Hockey Association Wishes our Association Members a Happy and Healthy Holiday.


President's November Letter on Home Page

CHA President, Peter Lawlor, has posted a welcome letter on the CHA Home page, please click here to read it.



Raffle Info

By now, travel teams and In House players have probably gotten their allotment of calendar raffle tickets.  If you sell at least 5 tickets, you qualify for a dues credit equal to 50% of the profit from the tickets you sold, with the other 50% of the profit going to the Association as a Fundraiser.  For more info about the Calendar raffle, please click here to go to the Raffle Section of the site, under Fundraising.

Your credit will be applied to your final dues payment of the year, but your ticket stubs and the associated funds need to be turned in no later than 12/01/2006.

Daily raffle winners will be posted here.




Fundraising Director Michelle Kender reports that the photographer has indicated that the team and individual photos should go out in the mail at the end of next week.  He has also agreed to provide me with a digital image (resized for web use) for each team and I will be posting those on each of your team pages soon.


Web Rep of the Month


Thanks to ace reporter Scott Casper, the Squirt 3's will have quite the documented season to look back on.  His latest write-up could go straight to paperback! Scott will get this month's Dunkin Card, though if I don't deliver Brian Gleason's soon, I am afraid I'll owe interest.  Thanks to Scott and congrats to the Squirt 3's on their 4-1 voctory last week against Lexington/Bedford.


Show Your Hockey Spirit with a Vehicle Decal


 I will be placing our order for vehicle decals this weekend, so this is your last chance to place an order.  Please click here to go to the online store to purchase your Chelmsford Hockey decals.

  CHA Ice Breaker Soccial

 SAVE THE DATE - Ice Breaker Social for parents only will be Friday, January 26th...  details regarding exact time and location will follow next month.  The Ice Breaker is a great night out, and a chance to see what everyone looks like when they aren't shivering!  The night is filled with raffles and great music, and had a huge turnout last year.  Babysitters will be at a premium so get yours lined up now!

  Lady Liberty Tournament

 Tournament Director, Scott Calnan reports that we recently completed the first annual Lady Liberty tournament over Veteran's Day weekend. Teams from Chelmsford, Arlington, Nashua and Stoneham competed in the U14 division. We thank all the teams for participating and contributing to a fun weekend of hockey. Special congratulations to the Chelmsford U14 girls, who were the tournament runner-ups to a strong Arlington squad.

  In House Hockey Update

In House Hockey has split into two squads, Maroon and White, and have started playing games with other programs teams.  There are still three open spots in InHouse Hockey, so any interested parties should contact Pete rega at .

  Learn to Skate and Peter Puck

Clinic Director, Joe Fitzgibbons reports a great turn out at Learn to Skate and Peter Puck, as registration is now closed for both Learn to Skate Classes due to full enrollment.  Instructor Mike Melisi reports that most skaters are up on their feet, and have already attempted the perrenial favorite Superman Slide.  Please help us in welcoming all the new skaters and families to the program.

  USA Hockey info posted on the site

 There's some great info available in the latest issue of "Tape to Tape", USA Hockey's newsletter.  I have posted it to the site, and will try to keep posting current versions look for the Menu on the homepage titled "Tape to Tape".  For now, you can just click here to go to it.


      Webmaster Duties Being Transitioned
 As part of our plan to transition webmaster duties this year, Steve Murphy, CHA Secretary, has taken over scheduling posting duties and will work on future newsletters and day to day support.  For now, Steve can be reached at and .  I will be spending most of my time preparing the site for Presidents Cup, Registration Programs, and perhaps a survey.
If you need some assitance with anything online, please send the request to Steve and I, and we will work out who will reply.


New Practice schedules through January 28th will be posted today (hopefully), and Middlesex League will come out with a new schedule next week.  Dual State has been posted through the third week in January.  For the girls, Middlesex Yankee continues to post their schedules month by month, and Steve has done a great job of keeping up with those.

  Website Help

 I need help from all of you.  The pictures on the home page are from last year, and I'd like to update them with shots from this year.  If you have a good team picture from a game or tournament, or a special off-ice event, please send it to me so I can post it to the home page as well.

Bill Kamenides
CHA Website Director