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Frequently Asked Questions

Chelmsford Hockey Association


Q. What is the Chelmsford Hockey Association?

A. Chelmsford Hockey Association (also known as Chelmsford Hockey or CHA) is a non-profit organization chartered to offer hockey and skating programs in the town of Chelmsford.   We are an affiliate of USA Hockey, under the Massachusetts Hockey District in local district #9.


Q. What are the programs that Chelmsford Hockey Offers?

A. Chelmsford Hockey offers youth programs of Learn to Skate, Learn to Play Hockey, In-house Hockey and Travel programs for Mites, Squirts, Pee Wees, Bantams, Midgets.  Complete program descriptions can be found by clicking here.


Q. What Leagues does Chelmsford Hockey Participate in?

A. All Mite- Midget teams are registered in the Valley Hockey League


Q. How are these leagues operated?
A. The leagues are all independently owned and operated.  These leagues recruit teams to participate and run the operations of the leagues including game times, game locations, scheduling referees, and playoffs.  CHA has a League Director who attends all league meetings to represent our program.


Q. What is meant by the “Parity Round?”

A. Teams will play a certain number of games to help determine the bracket the teams are in for the regular season.  If they win a lot or lose a lot, they move up or down to a bracket with more even competition for the regular season.  This time period is referred to as the parity round.


Q. Do the leagues have playoffs?

A. Yes, each of the leagues has a playoff system.  In the Valley Hockey League all teams make the playoffs.  In the girls league, there is a tournament at the end of the season to determine a champion.


Q.  What are the District and State Playdowns

A. The District Playdowns are the beginning state playoff system (usually starting in January).  Teams play a single elimination tournament with other teams in the district of the same age group and level.  Any team which wins the district championship will advance to the state tournament. (usually in March)


Q. Is there an additional cost for these games?

A. Chelmsford Hockey includes this in the players dues.


Q. How are travel teams determined?

A. Teams are set following spring tryouts.  The Board of Directors combines player evaluations done by their coaches with tryout scores to determine team placement. 

Q. Do players get uniforms?

A. Travel team players use game jerseys during the season, which are kept by the coach.  Each player is given a Velcro nameplate which attaches to the back of the Jersey.  At the end of the season, the coach turns in the jerseys and the player keeps the nameplate for the following season. CHA also provides one pair of game socks for each player on a travel team.


Q. When do practice schedules get posted?

A. Chelmsford Hockey posts the practice schedule as far in advance as feasible.  As game schedules are distributed by the leagues, some practices are then required to be moved to accommodate the games.


Q. When do game schedules get posted?

A. Game schedules get posted as soon as they are delivered to us from the leagues.  Each league manages the game schedule on their own.


Q. What Ice Rinks do Chelmsford Hockey use for practice?

A. The Chelmsford Forum and Skate 3 in Tyngsboro


Q. What ice rinks does Chelmsford Hockey play games at?

A. The leagues determine which rinks are used for games.  Many games are played at the Chelmsford Forum and other Valley Hockey League rinks. 


Q. Does Chelmsford Hockey own the Chelmsford Forum?

A. No, the town of Chelmsford leases the Chelmsford Forum from the state.


Q. Who is FMC?

A. FMC (Facility Management Corporation) is the rink management company that the town of Chelmsford has contracted with to manage the facility.


Q. Where does the player dues go?

A. Currently, approximately 97% of the player dues go to pay for ice cost, either for practices or games.


Q. Why do we need to do fundraising?
A. Fundraising pays for the remaining costs of the program.  The more dollars that are raised through fundraising, the lower the player dues can be.  Some fundraising opportunities provide dues credits for the player.


Q. How can I volunteer to help?

A.  There are always opportunities for people to participate.  The more you put into, the more fun it can be and many hands help divide the labor.

    1. Board of Directors – voted in at annual meeting in April.
    2. Coaching – anyone interested should speak to the coaching director.  Coaches go through USA hockey mandated training classes called patching.
    3. Team Fundraising Parent – helps coordinate the fundraising activities for each team.  
    4. Team web parent – Each team will have a web parent who can post articles, scores, etc on the website. 
    5. Newspaper articles – someone who will do write-ups of the kids games and send to the Chelmsford Independent.
    6. Level Coordinators – looking for one to coordinate the Squirt/Mite level.  Reschedule game conflicts, coordinate practice goalies, coordinate coaches meeting to develop plan of goals for each level.  


Q. How do I find out if a game is cancelled due to weather?

A.  If we are notified, all rink closures and game cancellations will be posted on the website.


Q. What is the Ice Breaker Social?

A. This is an social event to allow parents, coaches and board members to enjoy a night of hors-devors, music and dancing.  It is typically held in late January or early February.

Q. Where do I go if I have any questions or concerns?

  1. Team specific questions should go to the head coach of the team.  Other questions or concerns can be e-mailed through the website, by contacting any board member, or attending one of the board meetingsMinutes from previous meetings are also posted on the website.. 

Q. What are the different types of practices n my schedule?

A. The following are the different types of CHA practices:


Ø      Two team practice -  Two teams are assigned to one sheet of ice for a designated time.  Coaches can decide to skate drills all together the whole practice, split the ice in half lengthways, crossways, etc.


Ø      Split Practice or Full Ice – in order to get some full ice time, without wasting ice, we designed split ice practice.  First team has full ice for 25 minutes, then both teams for 25 minutes, then the second team has full ice for 25 minutes.  This allows for teams to practice some full ice drills, but not waste ice with a full 50 minute full ice practice.


Ø      Goalie Practices – sessions are specifically designed and run by a specialized goalie coach to enhance the skills of goalies.  Teams are assigned to goalie practices to provide coaches and shooters to assist with the drills.