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We are pleased to announce our Skills Evaluation Tryout schedule for next season! 


Please see the schedule below:

These dates have been added to the CHA website.  Regular practices are the “white” blocks above and the skills evaluation sessions are noted by the “maroon” blocks with team name listed.  The breakdown of numbers above is not indicative of the teams to be formed for the upcoming season, but a breakdown of the players within the current 2020-2021 teams. 

Please note that our plan was built using the following guidelines:

  • Teams will be kept together for these skills evaluation sessions - to maintain cohorts and minimize potential impacts of mixing and thereby potentially exposing other teams just prior to the start of playoffs
  • Scrimmage dates will be communicated in the coming month, but will not be conducted until after all teams have completed playoffs and their 2020-21 seasons have concluded
  • If conflicts arise, we will certainly look at options to reschedule as needed, however, if you are unable to attend either the skills or scrimmage portions you are scheduled for, please notify the CHA Tryout Lead, 

Also, please take note that in an effort to continue to grow the program and attract and retain as many players as possible, as well as provide a small amount of relief for this unprecedented season, we are offering a 50% reduction for all tryout fees this year.  We urge everyone to register by the end of this week (12-MAR-2021) to allow the coaching staff to prepare for the start of skills next week.  You may register via the www.chelmsfordhockey.com “Register” link, or by clicking this Tryout Registration link here.  Again, your tryout fees are non-refundable, and not applied to your tuition.

$100 Roster Fee (non-refundable, but applied to tuition balance):

Following tryouts, we will open a new player registration by level and ask our families to pay a $100 roster fee to ensure that your player is assigned to a team.  This is also non-refundable, but will be applied to your season’s tuition balance.  Consider it your down payment.  Please keep in mind that if you choose not to pay the roster fee, Chelmsford Hockey will not assign your player to a team.  We believe this will allow families to test our program during tryouts for fit while minimizing their financial exposure.  We are equally confident that once families experience all that Chelmsford Hockey has to offer, we will see an influx of players that will only strengthen our overall program.


  • For Mites, Squirt, Pee Wee & Bantam we will continue with our 2 session tryout format of Skills & Scrimmage.  This year, skills evaluations will be held pre-playoffs in March, and scrimmage will be conducted “post-playoffs” in April.
  • Girls, Goalies and Midget Tryouts:  Information provided in the coming weeks
  • We are presently determining the best, safest way to welcome and evaluated new or returning players who are looking to (re)join CHA and will be releasing more details on that in the coming weeks. 


  • Full-time goalies should use the Tryout Registration for Full-Time Goalies and should attend the skills session with their existing team, as well as Goalie Tryouts.
  • Part-Time Goalies should use the appropriate level registration and attend their level tryout as a skater and attend the Goalie Tryout as a goalie.
  • Goalie Tryouts will be held in mid-April after playoffs conclude.  Finalized dates and additional information will be provided in the coming weeks.


  • For some players, requesting to play in Chelmsford as an “Alternate” is the best option for them.  Alternates pay 60% of the tuition bill, are entitled to 100% of the practice and skills ice and 0% - 50% of VHL games based on team need.  All requests for Alternate Status must be made in writing (e-mail) to the President ( ) or Coaching Director by April 16th.  Please keep in mind that all requests are evaluated by the Board of Directors for approval.  Families should still pay their roster fee, however, may be entitled to a refund (roster fee) if the request for alternate status is not approved.  More information on the CHA Alternate Policy can be found here, under section 4.3.

Financial Policy:

  • Players with outstanding tuition balances from the current year (or prior years) that do not have an agreement in place with the Board of Directors are not eligible to Tryout.  Please reach out to   with any questions.
  • Players must pay their Tryout fee in advance of taking the ice for any session. 


2021-22 Tuition:

  • Tuition rates for full-season teams have been budgeted to remain the same level as the current season.


We look forward to seeing all of our players and the progress they have made over the season!  Good luck to everyone for a great tryout!


Chelmsford Hockey Association