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CHA Newsletter for February 6, 2006

Welcome to the Presidents Cup edition of the online newsletter. 


Countdown to Presidents Cup!

Presidents Cup is almost here!  Have you noticed the countdown clock on the home page?  Tournament Director Darren Cossette is on a steady intake of coffee and pure oxygen from now until everything is wrapped up, well after the final game ends.

  Presidents Cup Schedules Posted

All Schedules including Championship Games are now posted on the site.  Just go to the Presidents Cup Tab at the top of the site to start clicking around and checking out schedules.  I know some teams have printed out schedules and handed them out.  I would just urge you to re-check the site as schedules can change, but your print-out won’t!  Championship Game times are tentative.  You never know what might happen during the course of a tournament, requiring a shuffle of the schedule, so again, please re-check the site when possible.

Presidents Cup Schedule Tip

The best way to view your schedule is to follow the links on the Pres Cup page to get to your schedule.  You may want to go into Multi-Schedule to pick your regular team schedule, as well as your Pres Cup Team schedule.  While you are at it, pick the first place team in your division under “Championship Games” such as Squirt A 1st (including Squirt A 2nd won’t help you, it’ll just list the game twice).  Now you can get your schedule list, calendar, or download for everything on one view.  Even if all you want is the Presidents Cup Schedule and the Championship Game, Multi-Schedule is the way to go.  Give it a try!

Presidents Cup Results and Standings Updates

During the tournament, I will keep the results and standings up to date almost up to the minute (I am going to attend my son’s games, otherwise up to the minute), so check the site often to see how your team is faring in the standings.  Each team has a results page, so you can see how a team did against an opponent you may have already played.  Just go to their schedule page from the Pres Cup tab, and then click on results on the left menu.




District Playdown Success for Pee Wee 2 Maroon

Congrats to the Pee Wee 2 Maroon team for advancing to the State Tournament as a result of their fine play in the District Playdowns.  Best wishes for success in the States!


Learn to Skate, Peter Puck, and Farm


Clinic Director Peter Lawlor reminds all Learn to Skate and Peter Puck players that there is no practice ice this weekend, with Presidents Cup games scheduled throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. 

Farm Director Steve MacPherson also reports that there is no Farm Practice this weekend, though two of the Farm Teams are still scheduled for games this weekend at the Ice Hut.  Farm Presidents Cup will get started on Wednesday, February 22nd at the Forum.  Good luck to the Farm Teams!


Presidents Cup Reminder
Ahhh Presidents Cup…a time of sportsmanship, camaraderie, great feats of athletic accomplishment, and yes…financial responsibility!  All CHA players taking to the ice must have full dues payments made for the 2006 season before setting foot on the ice.  Be sure you are all square with CHA Treasurer Al Hamer before the tournament starts.  Like Santa, Al has his naughty and nice lists and will submit the naughty one to the tournament office before the games begin.  to email Al to make arrangements for payment before the tourney starts.


Calendar Raffle Part II
Fundraising Director Pam Anastasi reports that the final fundraising event of the year will take place in March.  The second calendar raffle of the year is a mandatory event.  Tickets are $5 and each player must sell 5.  Tickets will be given out during the first week of March and drawings will begin March 26th.  This raffle replaces the second Tag Day we used to have. There is no dues credit for this event.


Ice Breaker Social
The 11th Annual Ice Breaker Social was held at the Radisson Hotel on Friday, January 27th.  Special thanks to Pam Anastasi and Kim Bishop for their time and efforts which went into delivering a fantastic Ice Breaker Social!  It was a record crowd on hand having a great time dancing the night away to music from our DJ, and the band, The Beach Bums, Or was it Sam Boni and the Rink Rats?  The band featured great work on the guitar, keyboards, and harmonica, and I think there was a drummer too.  (Are we even now guys?)  Thanks to the Beach Bums for the great music.  Thanks as well to the Teams for creating such wildly sought after baskets, yielding a very successful raffle at the event. 


Tournament Recap

If your team participates in a tournament, and you'd like to send a recap for an upcoming newsletter to let everyone know where he or she competed, how much fun they had, and how they did, please submit your Tourney Recap to It is helpful for all teams to be aware of what kind of experience the teams have at these events so we can send teams to the best ones in future years.