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CHA Newsletter for December 9, 2005

Welcome to the latest version of the online newsletter. 

Only 16 more hockey days until Christmas!



CHA Still seeking players for U12

Recently, another flyer went out through the schools as we are still enrolling girls for the U12 Teams. So far 4 - 5 girls will be trying hockey next week.  If you know of anyone interested in playing, please have them contact .


Ice Breaker Social

CHA's annual social event for the parents is coming in mid-January.  The Ice Breaker social is a fun night out for all.  Exact date, time and location will be decided soon, stay tuned for more info.


New Board Members

Two new board members have been appointed.  Please congratulate Michelle Kender and Dan Ahern on their new positions.  Michelle will take on the Sponsorship Director role, and Dan will be assisting the Coaching Director.  Thanks to Michelle and Dan for stepping up!


Christmas Tree Sale
Chelmsford Hockey is still selling Christmas Trees and wreaths on Route 110 at the softball field.  We still need volunteers to work at the event and customers to come purchase trees.  To volunteer to help, contact .

     Calendar Raffle Continues

The calendar raffle is still ongoing. Daily winners are being posted right here You can get to that link by coming to the site and clicking Fundraising>>>Calendar Raffle>>Raffle Results. 


   Presidents Cup Update
Tournament Director Darren Cossette reports that even though it is only December, our February hockey tournament, Presidents Cup is filling up nicely.  The tournament will feature roughly 70 teams participating, and there are just 14 slots remaining at this time. Nice job Darren, sounds like another successful tournament is on the way!
Presidents Cup is one of our biggest Fundraisers each year, and everyone's participation through volunteering is appreciated.  The success of this event helps keep program fees as low as they can be.


Learn to Skate and Peter Puck
Peter Puck is full, but there are still openings for Saturday at 9:30 am (LTS1) or Sunday at 3:00 pm (LTS2) Learn to Skate sessions. 

Peter Puck now has over 50 skaters in the program, so a good group of new players is on the horizon for the Mites and Farm next year.  Great job by Clinic Director Peter Lawlor to get the word out about this program, and by Bob Vecchione who is running the program on ice. 

     Who are those big kids at practice?

The Chelmsford High School Hockey Team is planning to send a few players each week to the Monday night practices as well as the Saturday Farm practices.  Next week, each team will get player passes to all High School hockey games, so see the coach for those by end of week.


Finally, a tournament recap

From a Squirt 1 parent who's skater recently took part in a 3 on 3 Tournament in Methuen:
I really enjoyed the 3x3 Squirt tournament this year in Methuen.  There were 4 teams, with the top 3 receiving medals.  Maybe it was so much fun because we won the gold????  Anyway, the format was running time, even through the goals.  Coach George Popp had sent a copy of the rules in advance of the tournament.  Each game was 15 min.  Some teams had to play back to back.  The tournament started at about 7:30am and ended at about 11:30am.  There were 2 teams from Methuen, the Lions and the Riverhawks. 
There were 3 men from each team on the ice, 2 forwards and a defenseman.  This was great up and down hockey!  They had to change on the fly and clear after any penalty shots.  Any penalty resulted in a penalty shot for the other team.  The kids had a blast and I would recommend a 3 on 3 tournament for any team interested.
If your team participates in a tournament, and you'd like to send a recap for an upcoming newsletter to let everyone know where he or she competed, how much fun they had, and how they did, please submit your Tourney Recap to It is helpful for all teams to be aware of what kind of experience the teams have at these events so we can send teams to the best ones in future years.