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by posted 03/30/2020

Hi Squirt 3 Players, Families and coaches.

I wanted to take a few minutes and reachout to you all to first wish good health to everyone!  These are very unique and difficult times we are going through.  Among all the closures and quarantines, a very successful season came to an abrupt halt.  I think we were all looking forward to starting the playoffs and finishing strong.

Sometimes things happen that we cant control which forces us off our game plan.  However, I want everyone to know how truly proud the coaches are of our team accomplishments this year.  We ended up in 1st place for the season!!  That is a very special accomplishment.  I am particularly happy of the fact that we did not blow out every team  but battled and scrapped for our victories.  Each game became a teaching moment and our team carried these forward throughout the season.

You should all be proud of yourselves and your teammates for working so hard and accomplishing so much.  You should also say a BIG thank you to your parents and others who got you to every game and practice and made sure you were on time and ready to go.   The parents were fantastic this year and we appreciate your support in all areas.

I feel our team learned alot along the way...these new skills showed up in our game play. I know the coaches are very happy that everyone was able to get themselves dressed and skates on by the end of the season. Some even tied up their own skates and went out....very happy about that and it will help you next year and those after that.

I want to also take a moment to thank the coaches who did such a great job with the kids.  Paul, Mike and Jim brought so much experience and guidance to our team.  I cannot thank them enough for all their time and commitment. I really enjoyed working with them!

I also want to thank Julie Dowd for all her coordinating and emails!  Not having to do that is such a weight off the coaching staff, so thank you Julie.   Also thanks to Joanne and "D"  Dinoto for the awesome sweatshirts, stickers and extra gear we needed over the season...The sweatshirts are an awesome reminder of the season we had and all who were part of it.

I know we have a virtual party coming up and I will try to log on to it....I do have to work on Saturday, but might be able to sneak away for a quick 'Hi' to everyone.   I really hope we can get a summer event together so we can have a proper ending to such a teriffic season.

Stay safe and healthy!

Coach Mike.

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